The Forward Edge of Freedom web site is dedicated to the military men and women across the world who desire to continue to grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ in spite of their location. Our jobs may take us away from family and loved ones, but it is great to know that we can take our Saviour with us anywhere we go.

When you can’t get to church; when your pastor isn’t a phone call away; when you are lonely and hurting; when you are missing your family; when you are in need of spiritual guidance: here is another source to encourage you in your spiritual walk.



As a former Marine who served in Desert Storm - and now a Navy Chaplain, I understand first hand the need to have a growing personal relationship with God especially when I am deployed. Along the path, God has given me the privilege of being a part of Godly, Fundamental, Independent, Baptist churches; but I can't take these with me overseas or into the field. It is my responsibility to make sure I seek God’s face daily and study His Word so that I may continue to grow. It’s the only way that I can strive to be a better Christian, Husband, Father, and Officer. For without Christ, I truly am nothing.

LT Richard H. Wiese

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